Two Styles of Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography

Humanist wedding ceremony - documentary style

Documentary Style- As Events Happen

Is simply observing the wedding and capturing events as they occur. By following and observing the images are more natural and candid. The photographs tell the story of the wedding day without any intervention from me. So no stiff posing and staring at the camera. During this time I try to be invisible to your guests so they will act naturally. Most of your wedding day will be captured in this style of photography. If you hate having your photograph taken or being the centre of attention this style is ideal for you. Your job is to relax and enjoy the day.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Bride and groom Elm Farm Country House - contemporary style

Contemporary Style – Setup and Controlled

Developed from editorial fashion photography. My aim in creating these sorts of photographs is to make an image with more visual impact. It needs to have that wow factor. These photographs are favourites in the wedding album, often taking up double pages. Or they’re large prints. Although these types of photographs are created, they are less rigid and more fun as I’ll encourage you both to play. I’m able to assess all the environmental factors (location, lighting and composition) to create an image with more depth and dimension. These photographs are a bit different.

Most of your day will be shot in a documentary style that captures natural, candid moments. I’ll switch to a more contemporary style when appropriate. These types of images have great visual impact. I use dramatic light and locations to produce more artistic images. There will always be time for the more traditional formal group photographs, I like to get these finished as fast as possible so you can get back to your guests.

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